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Ten Things I Like

Waking up early in the morning to the chirping of the birds:Earlier, when we lived in the countryside for about three years, this is what got me “addicted” to the country life: the chirping of birds early in the morning;the smell of the earth. Somehow, that is what I find missing now that I live in the city.

Waking up early

Books: Books, according to me, are a man’s best friend. Reading books on diverse topics not only opens up your imagination, but I feel that books themselves teach you how to imagine things. I remember reading Harry Potter as a 10 year old, and fantasizing about Hogwarts and all the magic as I read along(as I am sure most of you must have done).Books have the power to transport you into another world altogether.


Swimming: I find this to be a great stress buster, especially after a hard day at work. It doesn’t hurt that swimming is one of the best exercises around to keep yourself fit.


Listening to classical music while reclining in my chair with eyes closed:There is nothing as relaxing as listening to the sound of Sitar and Tabla just before going to bed. It helps you unwind and keeps your mind calm.


The sound of laughter:Apart from music, laughter is what can help you relax. If you spend few minutes at the beginning of each day laughing, chances are that you will get through the day seamlessly.


Tea:One of my favorite drinks, as is the case for most people in India. The day does not start without a cup of tea and newspaper. And, nothing beats chatting with friends at a roadside eatery over a cup of tea.

Cup of tea in a plain white cup & saucer

Food:Food can solve most of our problems. When we feel stressed out or sad, a plate of good food in front of us is enough to make us happy (till we finish the plate, of course).

Mexican food

Dancing(When no one is watching):Because I cannot face the embarrassment of people watching me dancing. I am terrible at it.

hot party

Hanging out with friends:Like I mentioned in point 6, nothing beats hanging out with friends over a cup of tea. Also, there may come some problems in your life (say, regarding girlfriends) which can be solved only by friends.


Travel:A man has not lived his life to the fullest, according to me, unless he has travelled and explored the unexplored. Travel brings you in contact with different people, culture and customs and opens up your mind. It makes you more tolerant towards others, I feel.


PS: All images are courtesy Google Images.



I am a researcher by day and an avid reader at night. Interested in short stories, travelling and classical music.

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