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All is not well

So basically I came home today dead tired from working 12 hours non-stop in the lab and not five minutes after I arrived home, I had a blazing row with my mother. And the topic, unsurprisingly, was food.

Mom had cooked dal and roti, let’s say that is not something that tops my list of must have food. I saw the plate and immediately said that I was not too hungry. And understandably so, my mom freaked out.

Although I did not stay behind in arguing with her, in retrospect, as I sit alone in my room and write this after having some time alone to think on the matter, I realise that I may have acted rashly. I only thought about the hours I put in at work and not the time that my mother, and any other housewife for that matter, spends working around the house. We tend to regard time spent at the office as work and not time spent on maintaining and running the house.

I write this so as to make everyone out there appreciate the work done by our parents and the effort put in by them for our wellbeing.

Tomorrow, my mother is getting a big bouquet of her favorite red roses from me.

And now, to book the roses online!



I am a researcher by day and an avid reader at night. Interested in short stories, travelling and classical music.

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