Hello Readers,

I am a 26 year old engineer pursuing my masters in Energy and Process Technology at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. I am basically from India and have been living in the Netherlands for the past year.

This blog is for all those who love books, love to travel and explore different places, and also care about those things which affect our country and the world in general today like poverty and climate change. This blog is aptly titled ‘DayDreamer’ because just like we dream about different things each night, this blog will not be limited to a few topics, rather it will cover a diverse range of ones.

I am not a born writer, just to get that fact straight. I have always been interested in writing, and am taking my first steps towards it with the help of this blog. They may be baby steps, but they are steps all the same.

So join me in my quest to be a better writer, and hopefully with your encouragement and comments, I can achieve that goal.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. You may feel and think you are not a writer but what I have so far read of your posts you are going to be a great writer. You have a great pontential like you say blogging is a step in the right direction of becoming a writer. I would love to read your book because of the subjects you are interested in they strike a code with me.

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